Wave Jam

Wave Jam is designed to give you an exhilarating experience blasting through the water. Amazing for discovering the coastline, cruising from the beach or from the back of a boat to explore untouched islands. With Wave Jam you will catch every wave, and have that feeling of surfing everywhere you go.

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Two people on Wave Jam boards surfing near cliffs

A new way to explore

Asap electric leisure & rescue jet boards mean you can explore further.

Engineered to power through surf and blast across lakes & rivers, all with incredible towing torque.

Two people on Wave Jam boards surfing in slalom near beach
Two people on Wave Jam boards surfing near rocks

Technical Specification

We use the latest Lithium-ion battery technology to deliver high power, whilst keeping weight down.

Paired with our custom propulsion design, tuned with a perfect blend of speed & torque – all gives you instant power, with incredible towing capabilities and efficiency.

Wave Jam specification diagram

Dimensions 145 x 60 x 28cm

Performance up to 5kW

Speed 16km/h

LED Display shows speed & battery

60kgs of buoyancy

3 different speeds

Steering via body weight leaning

Stopping double safety off

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