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Yacht Consultancy and Project Management

Less hassle, more choice

Our Service

Unser Service

Whether you’re planning to buy your first yacht or have years of boat-owning under your belt, we HIGHLY recommend consulting one of our experts before you take the plunge. Having been instructed by the Maritime Training Academy to survey superyachts, yachts and small crafts, we offer the technical support and industry experience to help you narrow your search, find the right fit, avoid expensive mistakes, and get a good return on your investment. We offer bespoke project management for your yacht either an interior refit, a new mast with new riggs or giving a new coating. We can help you – your yacht in save hands.

Our Approach

Unser Ansatz

Once we have an idea of your requirements and budget, we search internationally and get back to you with competitive quotations. The process is streamline and hassle-free because we’ve clocked up years in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Häufig gestellte Fragen (FAQ)

A yacht purchase overseas is possible either direct through the owner or the broker. Yacht Point Service would be able to advise, please contact us.

A yacht purchase would usually go through a yacht broker but can be done directly through the owner.

A motor yacht has one or several engines to generate the propeller with speed through the water.

A superyacht is a larger version of a sailing yacht or motor yacht with special mast, rigging, sails or special high speed diesel engines.

A yacht would be kept during the season at berth and at end of the season lifted – dry docked for maintenance.

A yacht consultant specialist would be able to discuss your individual requirements and find the right yacht for the price, of your dreams. Yacht Point Service would be able to advise, please contact us.

On a new yacht purchase, VAT must be paid. On a second-hand yacht purchase it depends, if the purchase yacht remains with in the same country then no VAT needs to be paid, but if the yacht will be transfered to another country, then VAT must be paid.

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